Hi there. Thanks for stopping by.

My career has given me the opportunity to work for a number of outstanding brands -American Express, Sears, BMG Music, Petro-Canada, Rogers, Blockbuster, ReMax and Canada Post – all of which allowed me to see and use CRM many different ways. Like you, I’ve tried stuff that worked and sometimes failed. I’m not a believer in the adage that we learn more from failure – I think we learn equally well from both. So I think it’s important then to talk about all of it and what we can do differently next time because nothing is ever prefect (except my lovely wife and cake on my birthday).

In working for all of these companies I am lucky to have witnessed so much across a wide range of industries. And now as a consultant working with hundreds of clients in Canada and the US…I see how all sorts of people use CRM. A few very well, lots pretty good and a few needs improvement.  

My aim then is to find useful information on the art and science of CRM and bring it to life so we can all use it in our career. And I hope that in coming here, you will share your insight and feedback as well.

So stop by once in a while and please do keep in touch. You can reach me anytime at davthompso@yahoo.ca.

take care, david thompson

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