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This is the first in a series of posts reviewing good direct mail creative. Every month (or so) I plan to review a piece of direct mail that finds it way into my mailbox or to my desk from a friendly colleague. I am of course looking for more than pretty pictures. I look to see if it’s targeted, stands out in some way (creative, interactive…), uses images and copy well, has a call to action … as some of the essential attributes that make for good DM. And if you see something good or better, please send it along with your thoughts. Thanks.

Casey’s Restaurant Classics

I should begin by saying Casey’s was a client of mine in 2012 – I played no role in it’s design. If you like a good patty on a bun with all the fixings you will have noticed that the big burger chains all use direct mail to entice us into their restaurants (and do so with double digit response rates). Some of the mid range sit down restaurants have followed suite but not all of them. So it was a pleasant surprise to see a nice dm piece from Casey’s.  

The two panel piece is well designed for what appears to be the company’s first foray into DM. Overall it has a clean design that catches your eye and is easy to digest (intended pun). Large, appetizing product shots of 3 menu items (5 total shots 2 are repeats) on white plates/bowls against a white background are used to drive all focus on these select dinners. Unlike some in the food space, we are not overwhelmed with photos and copy – there is plenty of white space so nothing gets hidden. Copy is short and to the point as they try to leverage the appeal of old classics (i.e. back ribs) to highlight new classics (Kung Pao BBQ Ribs Stir Fry).

The call to action features an offer with two $10 off mini cards (minimum purchase of $19.99 not including taxes; good for 5 weeks). So the discount can almost reach 50% which is great value for the consumer. And the cards are cards – not tear away coupons. I am always a fan of making a piece more interactive – if you can afford a card over a coupon, go with the card. And if you don’t think you can afford it for your whole run, test to see if the lift covers the additional cost.

It ends with the back panel in Casey’s red and reminds us that to get great deals, follow them on Facebook. How often do you see Facebook call outs with no explanation of what you get there – I need more than just Follow us on Facebook? Casey’s got it right by telling me what I can expect if I do.

Inside fold

Inside fold



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