My ‘First’ Post

My aim in coming (back) here is to learn from others and where I have experience, share that in return. I am a marketer with more than 15 years experience working for brands such as American Express, Sears, Petro-Canada (gas retail), Rogers (telecom), Blockbuster, ReMax and now Canada Post (like USPS). I think I know a fair a bit about marketing but I am aware that I don’t know everything (despite what I tell my mother …  and wife). And like any field of study, we all stand on the shoulders of the giants how preceded us. And so for that reason, I am a learned but humble marketer here to practice and learn more about my craft. 


I operated my own blog a few years ago when I was a real estate agent, but stopped when I came back to the ‘corporate’ world. I work as a consultant in the direct mail industry for Canada Post and recognize that I need to get back into digital and more specifically jump back in to social.

I have always been a newshound and lifelong learner so participating in discussions with others is something I enjoy.  Now I just need to make more time to do so here (sorry to the producers of night-time TV).

I took a social media course last week and was re-inspired. I signed up to twitter, sent my first few tweets (no one called me an idiot so I guess I did it right) and registered this blog. I even went out to buy a new iPad mini so I could do some of this in front of the TV (trying CBS, NBC, ABC…). I was not one of the ‘lucky’ 3 million buyers who got to a store on time this Saturday.

As a marketer and certainly as a direct marketer, tracking response and analyzing numbers is in my DNA.  I listened to a podcast today (Michael Stelzner interviewing Pat Flynn) and was motivated even more (@mike_stelzner and  @patflynn respectively – do check them both out). One of the things that Pat said that he discovered was that the more he shared, the more transparent he was in what he was doing online with others, the more he learned from others when they did the same in return. So as a re-born social citizen, I plan to do the same.

Over the coming weeks and months I will track what I do in this space and share it. Good or bad, I suspect I will learn firsthand what to do and not to do. Along the way I hope to have some help from likeminded social compatriots. And that through this exercise, pass along a few valuable lessons learned to others.

So if you become a follower, I am humbled and I thank you. I hope, no expect that we will learn and from each other along this journey and have a wee bit of fun.

 thanks,  David T



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